Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Zoom Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is the number one cosmetic dental procedure worldwide and often offers the maximum benefits when used as part of a smile makeover treatment plan.

During an initial consultation, we will carefully assess your current dental condition and explain what degree of whitening we could realistically expect to help you achieve.

The effects of tooth whitening usually last for about one to two years, although the results will be impacted by your diet and lifestyle – for example, if you smoke. Touch up re-whitening can be easily achieved by applying a tray with some gel at home every six months or so as needed.

White fillings

In order to give you the whitest, brightest and freshest looking smile possible, we only use white tooth coloured composite fillings or ceramic restorations.

Just the simple act of replacing your existing mercury amalgam fillings can significantly transform the appearance of your teeth. White composite fillings can be perfectly coloured matched to your surrounding teeth, making them almost invisible.

Crowns & bridges

It may be necessary to fit a crown in order to save a tooth that has been previously filled or one that cannot be repaired with a filling because of a larger break. A crown is a single tooth restoration that can be perfectly colour matched and shaped to fit in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth.

In some cases, we may suggest a bridge as a more suitable restoration. A bridge can replace the gap left by one or more teeth by literally bridging the space with a small cluster of false teeth. It is fitted to existing healthy teeth on either side of the gap.


Veneers are ultra thin, custom-made porcelain laminates that are fixed directly on to your teeth using an extremely strong adhesive. They offer a durable option for changing the shape, position and colour of your teeth, completely making over the appearance of your smile.

Veneers can be used to close the gaps between your teeth, replace worn edges and resurface discoloured teeth that may not have whitened enough with whitening gel. Unlike a crown or cap, which covers the entire tooth, a veneer covers mainly the visible front part of your tooth and may wrap over the biting edge.
We will always discuss the most suitable options with you in detail before agreeing a treatment plan.