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Dental Examination

Thorough and detailed dental checkups

Dental Examinations At Apex Dental

Apex Dental offers a thorough, detailed check-up for all patients, ensuring quick diagnosis of any dental disease or issues and lowering the risk of any potential future problems.

We take pride in our professional services which are designed to help maintain your oral health in great condition.

When you visit us for your check-up you can expect your examination to include all of the following:

  • An Oral Cancer Check - We are trained to look for the signs of oral cancer so that if there is anything suspicious, it can be checked out quickly.
  • A Check In With Your General Health - We want to know if you have been experiencing any pain in your gums, jaw or teeth, or if you have been having any problems with your oral health at all. We also want to know if your diet has changed, if you are pregnant or have been diagnosed with any medical conditions that may affect your oral health.
  • A Check In With Your Medication - Some medication can affect your oral health, so if you are taking anything new, it is helpful to know about it.
  • Is There Tooth Decay? - We examine your teeth extensively to check for any signs of decay. We also look for signs of injury and any dental damage.
  • Is Your Current Dental Work Healthy? - Braces, fillings, dental implants - any previous dental work is checked to ensure it doesn't need any adjustments or repair.
  • Are Your Gums Healthy? - Gum disease can cause all kinds of oral health issues, including tooth loss. We look for signs and symptoms of gum disease or inflammation.
  • How Do You Feel About Your Smile? - We are keen to know if you would like a whiter smile, a straighter smile, or if your teeth are really sensitive and you want it to be less uncomfortable when you eat. How you want your smile to improve is important to us!
  • Do You Have Plaque or Tartar Build Up? - We look for build-ups so we can discuss the problem with you, and how to resolve it with improved dental hygiene.
  • Are There Any Issues With The Tissues In Your Mouth? - We check the health of your tongue, cheeks and all the soft tissues in your mouth.
  • We Check The Hidden Parts Of Your Mouth - There are parts of the mouth you can't look at or wouldn't usually check, so we check them for you to ensure they are all healthy.

During this examination we may also use diagnostics like X-rays to check your oral health even further. For example; if we see a tooth is darker than expected, we may X-ray it to check if the root is still healthy. We will discuss treatment options and a treatment plan with you to ensure your oral health is kept on track.

If you are serious about maintaining excellent dental health, please call Apex Dental on 020 8959 2299 to see how we can help!

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