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Dental Hygienist

Preventing gum disease and promoting excellent oral hygiene habits

Professional Hygienist Services At Apex Dental

Our clinic offers comprehensive, professional dental hygienist treatments and services to patients. The hygienist services include aiding patients with oral hygiene, maintenance and “scale and polish” treatments.

Apex Dental hygienists are passionate about the prevention of dental diseases and issues. They offer advice and treatment supporting the prevention of gum disease and helping patients achieve excellent day-to-day personal oral hygiene habits. Our hygienists are also trained to provide a professional smile clean, which is also known as a scale and polish and which helps to keep the gums and teeth healthy long term.

You can also expect help with the prevention and treatment of early stage gum disease, with diet, lifestyle and hygiene advice specifically tailored to suit your needs. Our hygienists also have plenty of suggestions for smoking cessation if that is something you need to do for the benefit of your oral health, and overall health. Fluoride treatments and professional teeth whitening may also be offered by our hygiene team.

Air polishing is also available to remove more persistent staining. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

Gum Disease Management

All hygienists have a special interest in gum disease prevention and management. This includes services such as professional teeth cleaning, which refreshes the aesthetics of the teeth and removes stubborn tartar. They will also provide lots of advice and suggestions on how to perfect your oral hygiene regime at home including:

  • Your diet
  • Your lifestyle habits
  • The toothbrush you use and how you use it
  • The type of toothpaste you use
  • Other habits that may cause dental damage or problems
  • How to best prevent and manage gum disease

Attending Regular Hygienist Visits At Apex Dental

When you visit Apex Dental your dentist will provide a deep and thorough examination of the teeth, gums and soft tissues in and around the mouth. They will also look to find, diagnose and treat dental issues and problems.

Apex Dental hygienists are there to ensure your oral health is maintained well between every check up with the dentist. They can help to clean away tartar that has built up, and provide information to help keep your mouth healthy. How many hygienist visits you require is completely unique to your oral hygiene needs. Some patients visit once between dental check-ups, others come more regularly, including shortly before special events where a deep clean and polish provides a quick and valuable smile confidence boost where it is needed the most.

Are you keen to get your oral health back on track and keep it that way? Please call the team at Apex Dental on 020 8959 2299 to make your appointment – we look forward to meeting you!

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