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Laser Dentistry

Precise and innovative, minimally invasive dental care

Laser Dentistry At Apex Dental

Laser dentistry is a modern dental innovation that we are proud and excited to offer at Apex Dental. It works by using a minimally invasive focused light beam to alter or remove tissue. Two different types of laser beams are used, one for soft tissue and one for hard tissue.

Our dentists use lasers in dentistry for lots of different applications such as whitening the teeth, or reshaping the gums. In some instances laser dentistry is used ahead of treatments offering a similar result, for example in situations where patients may be very anxious or worried about dental work.

Laser dentistry is true cutting edge dentistry that can treat a wide range of problems, with less likelihood of sutures, and less damage to gums, resulting in a quicker healing time.

The Broad Range Of Problems Laser Dentistry Can Treat

Laser dentistry is used to treat a number of issues, although it is most commonly used to treat gums. Common problems treated by laser dentistry include:

  • Ulcers/ cold sores (where they are a chronic issue)
  • Root canal infections
  • Removal of tumours that are not malignant
  • To stimulate damaged nerves
  • To reveal impacted wisdom teeth
  • To take a tissue biopsy
  • To get rid of inflamed gums
  • To help treat gingivitis or periodontitis

In many instances, we can treat several problems at a time using laser dentistry, and it is also something we use for cosmetic dentistry. Problems like large gums or misshapen gums can be treated using a dental laser very effectively.

The Benefits Of Laser-Based Dental Treatments

Often dentists prefer laser dentistry ahead of other methods because it is more straightforward and ensures patients are less likely to experience discomfort and lengthy healing times. Patients may also be able to avoid anaesthesia and because the laser also seals the gums as it works, infections are much less likely to occur. In lots of ways, it really is a more advanced type of dentistry compared to other methods of treatment.

The Process

During a laser dentistry appointment we anaesthetise the area being treated locally, just like you would expect during a routine treatment appointment. There isn't a vibration or movement like there is from a dental drill, and any debris or blood is rinsed away. Following your treatment there is usually significantly less bleeding and shorter healing time. We will provide aftercare instructions and you can always get in touch with our team if you experience and problems.

Here at Apex Dental we are excited to share the latest laser dentistry treatments with you and invite you to call our practice on 020 8959 2299 to find out more.

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