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Teeth Whitening At Apex Dental

Apex Dental Care offers teeth whitening at home and in the clinic so that patients can enjoy the kind of white teeth they have always wanted. With aging, changes to the mineral structure means that your smile may no longer be as white as you would like. Professional teeth whitening is an effective and convenient way to transform a smile that has lost its youthful white shade. Teeth whitening effectively removes stains and colouring that detract from the beauty of the smile. Patients are often surprised at how many shades lighter their teeth are following treatment and how much more youthful they look with this one cosmetic enhancement.

At Apex Dental, we use a variety of tooth whitening techniques. Your experienced dentist will inform you which technique is best suited for you.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening System

Enlighten is a revolutionary tooth whitening treatment which uses the latest modern materials to effectively lighten the shade of the teeth by several shades.

The process begins with an initial consultation to check your suitability for the treatment. We then take impressions of your teeth to make customised plastic trays for you. This can take up to a fortnight because of the accuracy and precision of the process; however we will provide you with a preparatory whitening toothpaste during this time which will begin the very first part of the whitening process.

Once your trays have been delivered back to us, we will invite you in to collect them along with your whitening kit. We will show you how to use the kit and the special whitening gel, which requires you to wear the gel-filled custom trays for either 1 hour or overnight , for 14- 28 sessions (dependent on the initial discolouration of your teeth). Both trays can be worn together or separately – the choice is yours. You will also use your enlighten serum in place of your usual toothpaste.

At the end of your ‘at home treatment’ we will invite you in for a finishing treatment in surgery which ensures that the whitening effect is even and as effective as it possibly can be.


Patients coming to us for teeth whitening have lots of different reasons for wanting whiter teeth. If the teeth have become discoloured through habits like smoking or drinking coffee and you continue those habits after whitening, there is every chance you will require a top up treatment in the future. We will however, provide you all the information you need to make the choices needed to keep your smile beautiful and white for as long as possible.

At Apex Dental Care we also offer laser in-surgery whitening. We are more than happy to go through all possible options with you.

Common questions asked about whitening...

Q&A One

Is tooth whitening safe?

If carried out by a trained dental professional, whitening is safe.

Whitening does not affect the structure or shape of your teeth. It is often a better option than alternatives such as veneer as it does not permanently remove the tooth structure and is easy to maintain.

Q&A Two

Who can Whiten you teeth?

It is illegal for anyone other than a dentist or a qualified member of our team to carry out teeth whitening.

Anyone else such a beautician or salon staff do not have the correct training and can permanently damage your teeth and gums.

Q&A Three

Are there any side effects?

Some patients complain of sensitivity during their treatment , however this is only for a short period of time and will soon fade after completing whitening.

Tooth Whitening systems such as Enlighten reduce the side effect of sensitivity considerably.

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