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Treatment For Nervous Dental Patients In Mill Hill, London

Feel fully relaxed during treatment

Sedation At Apex Dental

Apex Dental Care is proud of the work we do in helping patients overcome their fear of the dentist. We take special care to ensure our patients are comfortable and reassured during every procedure. However we also understand that sometimes dental anxiety or stress can prevent patients from having treatment and we are happy to recommend the best sedation options for your proposed dental treatment.

At Apex Dental Care in-house IV Sedation is one of a number of techniques we employ to help nervous patients. You are continuously monitored during the use of any sedation technique.

Please note that Sedation techniques can produce an after effect of drowsiness , we therefore request you are accompanied to your appointment by a companion who is able to drive you home following treatment.

Dental sedation is an additional charge. Prices will be given upon request.

If you suffer with dental fear, please call Apex Dental today to see how we can help. We have a range of techniques we can use to help you get the treatment you want and deserve! You can reach our team on 020 89592299.

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